What are Member Scores and How can they Improve Member Experience?



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Over time, credit unions accumulate key data about member relationships and credit behavior. But most CUs are not using this data in a systematic fashion to make highly individualized credit decisions, marketing offers, or other retention efforts that could help deepen relationships with members. It’s vital to understand how to use this information to improve your individualized member experience while keeping financial services in-house. 

Join this webcast to learn a best practice approach to using Member Scores to deliver a highly personalized member experience; and explore: 

  • How Member Scores are derived.
  • The importance and relative ease of bringing in the right third party data to deliver a more accurate and predictive score.
  • Technical requirements and legal implications of using member data for scoring.
  • How other credit unions have generated ROI by using Member Scores for marketing, origination and collections.

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