The threat from Hurricane Bill to the U.S. may have dissipated, but coastal credit union leagues are gearing up in major ways this fall using sophisticated online tracking and alert call-in systems, including a new TV screen crawl and Twitter-like feeds, to prepare for future storms.

For one, the Texas Credit Union League notified its members this week it has hired a fledgling West Palm Beach, Fla. online firm,, to provide scrolling updates on a storm tracker system informing CU managements on the latest weather developments.

In signing up the league as a subscriber, Stormpulse, used by the military, health outlets and TV stations across the South, said it provides an interactive visual mapping system that compiles weather data from NASA, the U.S. National Weather Service, oceanographic institutes and international tracking centers.

The league said Stormpulse will offer “a comprehensive picture of the past, present and future of a tropical storm” with forecasts on wind and rain amounts.

Meanwhile, the Louisiana Credit Union League, which began using the Telspan alert service as well as CUNA’s CULocate, said it expects to “push very hard now with our members” on disaster recovery programs. Its staff and special committees are meeting next week to explore the latest options, a spokeswoman said.