U.S. Central Corporate Credit Union

  • NCUA Board Caps CU Loan Participations

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The NCUA giveth and the NCUA taketh away. At its Dec. 15 meeting the agency’s board proposed placing more restrictions on loan participations while granting credit unions greater flexibility in other areas.

  • U.S. Central's eCom Goes to CO-OP

    Announcement follows October bidding.

  • NCUA Files Another MBS Lawsuit

    The NCUA has sued RBS Securities for $685 million, alleging that that firm misled Western Corporate FCU (WesCorp) when it sold it mortgage-backed securities.

  • Will NCUA Suit Force Banks to Settle?

    See you in court. After failing to reach an agreement with two of the largest investment bank to recover losses from mortgage-backed securities sold to corporate credit unions, the NCUA last week filed civil lawsuits against RBS Securities, a Royal Bank of Scotland unit, and J.P. Morgan Securities. The agency is...

  • WesCorp Execs, NCUA Blamed for Debacle

    WesCorp's management didn't manage risk well and invested too heavily in residential mortgage-backed securities, while NCUA examiners failed to "adequately and aggressively," address the risks.

  • Corporate America Drops Suit after NCUA Provides Documents

    The NCUA turned over 750,000 pages of documents about its handling of U.S. Central Corporate Credit Union to Corporate America Credit Union, which is suing former directors and executives of U.S. Central.

  • Auditing Issues Delay NCUA Report

    Almost 11 months after it was due, the NCUA has not given Congress its annual report for 2008, and several sources have said that the reason for the delay is a dispute with its auditing firm,

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