University of Maryland

  • Reaching Gen Y Through Mom and Dad

    Credit unions know they must get younger. Decreasing the average age of your membership is a strategic goal for many credit unions. There are several initiatives, such as Currency Marketing’s Young and Free, that are having a great deal of success. The Filene Institute also has given many ideas for...

  • People

    Greylock Federal Credit Union, Pittsfield, Mass., announced the appointment of two new executives to its risk management team.

  • Obama Names Sperling to Top Economic Post

    Gene Sperling, who was the Treasury Department's point person during negations on the proposal for raising the cap on member business loans, was named by President Obama today to be director of the National Economic Council (NEC).

  • SECU Finances University of Maryland Off-Campus Housing

    The University of Maryland will have a new addition to its off-campus housing market in January thanks to Global Star Ventures and financing by a consortium of credit unions and banks led by SECU.

  • Filene Report Documents Shifts in Consumer Behavior

    A new report from the Filene Research Institute has brought academic research to what has been mostly anecdotal reports: Consumers are opting to pay their credit card bills instead of their mortgages first.

  • Nourishing Its Education Roots Helps Apple Federal Credit Union Blossom

    Several years ago the Fairfax, Va.-based institution decided to refocus on its roots in education. While many credit unions have adopted community charters in order to grow membership and

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