• BioCatch Develops Behavioral Biometrics

    Two new patents extend the company's ability to authenticate users through advanced biometrics.

  • VyStar Tweaks Recovery Plans for Worst-Case Scenarios

    As many credit unions learned recently during Hurricane Sandy, disasters can happen. Especially in storm-prone coastal areas, it’s important for credit unions to have reliable back-up plans for their data should a weather-related catastrophe strike.

  • Cloud Computing Meets Credit Union Skeptics

    The puzzlement on the part of some experts is thick. At the very time when some companies and community banks are rushing to put more of their data and applications into the cloud, some experts have noticed that, for the most part, credit unions are staying on the sidelines of...

  • Core Processing Rethink Has Begun

    The brain of every credit union is its core computer system–the tabulation of every transaction and thus the essential record. But voices increasingly are heard that it is time for a substantial reevaluation of those core systems.

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