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  • Want to Differentiate? Create Value

    Pick up any current best-selling marketing book, and you’ll find a section on product differentiation.

  • B-Word Settlement in Vermont

    An Oct. 5 settlement arising out of the showdown between the $600 million Vermont State Employees Credit Union and its state regulator over use of the word “bank” in advertising leans in the credit union’s favor.

  • Letter: Don’t Sow Banking Confusion

    In response to the “Call for ‘Bank’ Entries” letter from Gregg Stockdale, and with all due respect to that unique call to action to re-label what we do, I believe that an attempt to redefine what credit unions do as anything other than banking is counterproductive.

  • Vt. Regulator May Nix 'Banking' in CU Ads

    The banking industry’s longstanding effort to deter or prevent credit unions from using the words “bank” and “banking” in advertising was advanced to a new plateau last week with a proposed cease and desist order placed by the state’s top regulator on the $600 million Vermont State Employees Credit Union.

  • Editor's Column: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Credit Union World

    How words are banned, CUSOs are regulated and board members are and aren't appointed are some examples of a world gone mad.

  • Editor's Column: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

    I was galled at the childishness of bankers in Vermont putting the regulator up to blocking a credit union from using the term “banking” in its marketing materials, and the state regulator for his, at best, naiveté. Readers had the same reaction as you can see from the comments posted...

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