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  • Guest Opinion: Leadership Fundamentals

    The most successful leaders I know understand and live by fundamental leadership principles with both discipline and focus. They commit to continuous learning and strive to have their behaviors serve as a reflection of their values–setting the standards and expectations for others in their organization.

  • Focus on Leadership Fundamentals

    A summary of many of the fundamental rules and principles for increasing the capacity for an individual leader's success.

  • Guest Opinion: Common Sense Ethics for Board Members

    Following the global financial crisis, directors are increasingly concerned with how to effectively navigate the new environment. Being held under greater scrutiny by the public, members and the NCUA, it has become even more important that directors demonstrate a commitment to ethical behavior and ensure transparency.

  • The Fundamentals of Exceptional Governance

    Last month I spoke at the CUES Executive Summit in Colorado Springs. This conference was attended by some of the most dedicated and intelligent directors and senior leaders we have met in the credit union world. I’d like to share with you some of the valuable content delivered, as well...

  • Guest Opinion: Learning Can Strengthen Board Culture

    This past year I traveled 300,000 miles globally. The experience helped me connect dots that have serious consequences for business strategy and succession planning. It also reinforced a central theme that is emerging for all of us on boards: Can we learn as fast as the world is changing?

  • Guest Opinion: Challenges of Succession Planning

    Maximizing and ensuring member value and performance requires an ongoing review of the depth of talent in your credit union as well as the right complement of skills to lead effectively and navigate changing strategies. As markets become more global and technology continues to play an even greater role in...

  • Assessing the Talents of Your Leaders Is Critical

    As we begin the new year, most CEOs and C-suite executives are thinking about how to strengthen the leadership team and management to best execute on strategy. Some leaders may have the gene that inspires them to naturally keep learning about the world and how it will impact their credit...

  • Guest Opinion: Learning as Fast as the World Is Changing

    As we go deep into the fourth quarter of this year, I’d like to reflect upon lessons learned as well as thoughts for the new year and beyond.

  • Creating Value in a Deleveraging World

    As I reflect on my travels to over 20 cities in 2011, I am struck by a conversation I’d like to share with you. Upon arriving late one evening in Las Vegas to speak at a credit union conference, I asked the cab driver, “How’s business?” I heard a profoundly...

  • Ensuring a Successful Merger

    Our firm recently facilitated the successful merger of two credit unions. One of the fundamental issues that we focused on was the ability of the post-merger team to quickly establish and maintain productive working relationships with employees and members.

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