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  • Experts Discuss How to Make CU Link Ups Succeed

    Doug Petersen, president/CEO of the $880 million Workers’ Credit Union in Fitchburg, Mass., recalls asking the president/CEO of a small credit union why he chose Workers’ to consider a merger deal.

  • Innovation Is Complex and Critical: Guest Opinion

    This past month at the Credit Union Leadership Forum’s Edu-Leader Leadership Learning Series we focused on innovation, which can be one of the most challenging issues for credit unions.

  • Guest Opinion: Lessons From the Health Care Debate

    A few weeks ago, I attended a regularly scheduled board meeting at a credit union. The CFO was delivering his financial report that included the line item reflecting the cost for employee health care. There was a discussion about this important issue and the impact it was having on the...

  • Lessons to be Learned from the Health Care Debate

    There are lessons to be learned about the ongoing debate that are applicable to all of us.

  • Save Gen Y, One Intern at a Time: Guest Opinion

    It’s Sunday, and I’m reading the newspapers and watching the talk shows, trying to digest the political commentary that consumes all of us. My perception and conclusion is that based on the content and the harsh tones, the environment in this country is filled with incredible toxicity.

  • The 50,000 Challenge Revisited

    Credit unions can start the Gen Y employment revolution in their own shops.

  • Guest Opinion: Let’s Help 50,000 Families

    As the presidential campaign intensifies, I am struck by the common sense opportunity for all of us in the credit union world to come together and start to turn this country around. There is a practical way that we, as mission-driven people, can assert leadership and re-infuse energy into our...

  • Join In: A Call for Action for a New Generation

    Consultant, columnist to organize a small group of leaders to share a common sense approach and an innovative response to a terrible economic climate for this new generation.

  • Guest Opinion: Leadership Fundamentals

    The most successful leaders I know understand and live by fundamental leadership principles with both discipline and focus. They commit to continuous learning and strive to have their behaviors serve as a reflection of their values–setting the standards and expectations for others in their organization.

  • Focus on Leadership Fundamentals

    A summary of many of the fundamental rules and principles for increasing the capacity for an individual leader's success.

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