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  • Overcoming Excel Spreadsheet Inertia

    In 1687, Isaac Newton published a three-volume treatise which revolutionized humanity’s understanding of the physical world. Book One of Newton’s Principia contains Newton’s three laws of motion, which describe the responses of physical bodies to forces acting upon them. Sir Isaac expressed the first law as follows: "Every body persists...

  • Moshier Makes Her Mark Across the Industry

    Heather Moshier works for the benefit of her credit union’s members out front and behind the scenes, and, as if she had time to spare, has become a respected member of the nationwide network of CU technology managers.

  • Three CUs Share CUNA Tech Council Honors

    The CUNA Technology Council once again passed out best practices honors at its 15th annual conference held Sept. 29-Oct. 2 in Las Vegas.

  • CUNA Tech Council Fetes Best Practices

    Three credit unions received the Best Practices Award at the CUNA Technology Council's 15th annual conference last week in Las Vegas.

  • IT Spending in Financial Services: Retail Focus Lags Corporate

    After a year of tightening their belts, North American financial institutions will be opening their wallets once again to invest in information technology in the next couple of years.

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