Rick Pillow

  • Regional Leagues Face New Scrutiny

    The churning debate on the form, methods and cost of conveying the industry’s advocacy message through the state league network undergoes more scrutiny this week as yet another group of leagues tie the knot this Friday to officially organize the Denver-based Mountain West Credit Union Association.

  • Va. Bank Bill Morphs Into a Softer Compromise Measure in Senate

    For the time being, credit union concerns in Virginia and elsewhere over companion bills in the state Senate and House enabling banks to buy and merge credit unions have eased following committee action leading to likely passage.

  • Virginia Battle Over Banks Buying CUs Gains Media Coverage

    The legislative scrap brewing in Virginia over bills to permit banks to buy credit unions was capturing national attention this month from both industries, regulators and the media.

  • Virginia House Panel Scales Back Bank-Buy-CU Bill

    In a victory for the Virginia Credit Union League, a House panel voted 20-0 Thursday to pare down a banker-backed bill allowing banks to buy credit unions into a measure enabling state CUs to convert to mutual charter.

  • Va. Bankers Float Plan For Banks to Buy CUs

    Virginia bankers appear ready to introduce a bill in this year's session enabling banks to buy credit unions and vice versa.

  • Va. League Rebates Dues

    Over the Christmas holidays, the Virginia Credit Union League gave its members a gift from Santa: a $300,000 dues rebate.

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