payments technology

  • Mobile Mania Broke Out In a Big Way

    Conferences, white papers, surveys, pilot programs, new applications all screamed the same refrain in 2012: mobile banking, mobile banking, mobile banking.

  • BAI Retail Delivery: Branson Wows, but Mobile 2.0 Rules

    WASHINGTON — Keynotes by Sir Richard Branson, the $4 billion Virgin serial entrepreneur, and global strategist Jonathan Salem Baskin. Panel after panel on mobile banking, peer-to peer-payments and the rules of engagement with social media. A tentative obituary for near field communication, an innovative payments technology around which enthusiasm seems...

  • Mobility Matters: The Death of NFC?

    In his latest column, technology writer Robert McGarvey says lack of wave-and-pay in iPhone 5 a blow but there are a lot of other players.

  • Cards: PINs vs. Signatures Sparks Industry Debate

    As the payment industry begins to move toward replacing magnetic stripe cards with cards that use embedded smart chips, credit unions and other card issuers will have to eventually decide whether they will issue cards that use personal identification numbers or signatures to validate transactions.

  • Guest Opinion: In Mobile, Winner Takes All

    A revolution is brewing in the payments industry. The future of payments technology is now in the hands of consumers in the form of their mobile devices and smart phones.

  • Guest Opinion: Show Gen Y the Credit Union Difference

    At 80 million strong, Gen Y will soon control the nation’s wealth, posing a mammoth opportunity for credit unions. Born during the early 1980s and the late 1990s, the group is more than three times the size of Generation X and exerts major influence on American culture.

  • Mobile Banking Can Pave the Way for NFC

    Google, Visa, MasterCard, Sprint, and even Pentagon Federal Credit Union. The list of early proponents of innovative near field communication tap and pay mobile technology keeps growing. But that brings two questions into sharp focus.

  • EMV Cards Planned by Fiserv

    CU clients of Fiserv may soon be able to offer their members personalized smart chip cards, according to an announcement from the technology firm.

  • PayPal’s New System Relies on Mobile Phone Technology

    PayPal gave merchants and others a peak at the new payments technology that, it said, will allow it to overcome the dominance of Visa and MasterCard at the point of sale.

  • Fiserv to Start Offering Personalized EMV Cards

    Big tech vendor latest to join smart card wave in U.S.

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