• Editor’s Column: Tell Us What You Think

    What do our loyal Credit Union Times readers want from us? What would it take for you to recommend Credit Union Times to your colleagues?

  • Where Will the Litany of Woes Lead?

    At a recent credit union meeting when I raised the subject of the NCUA’s recent proposal to permit credit unions to voluntarily prepay assessments, earning 0% interest with the agency, CEO heads were shaking. All in disbelief and all in response to the question, “Will your credit union be participating?”

  • On-Site Coverage: Social Technologies, Shopping and P2P Dominate Confab

    SAN FRANCISCO — The biggest players in financial services technology right now might be Google and Facebook. That’s what it felt like at times at the Finovate Spring 2011 showcase last week at the San Francisco Design Center Concourse.

  • Microsoft Kinect: From Living Rooms to CU Branches?

    Kinect for Xbox 360, a controller-free, $150 gaming device that allows users to operate their Xbox consoles solely through bodily gestures and voice commands, has made a splash among video game and electronics enthusiasts. But is there a practical application for Kinect outside the gaming world–say, in credit union branches?...

  • Hire For How They Learn, Not What They Know

    Microsoft is famous in the hiring world for using brainteasers to identify creative problem solvers as part of its interview process: How would you move Mount Fuji? How would you weigh a jet plane without scales? Which way should the key turn to unlock a car door? How do they...

  • Overcoming Excel Spreadsheet Inertia

    In 1687, Isaac Newton published a three-volume treatise which revolutionized humanity’s understanding of the physical world. Book One of Newton’s Principia contains Newton’s three laws of motion, which describe the responses of physical bodies to forces acting upon them. Sir Isaac expressed the first law as follows: "Every body persists...

  • Are You Missing Your True Calling?

    We all know the story of how outcast nerds in junior high or high school turn into the Bill Gates’s and Steve Jobs’s of the world.

  • Security Service FCU Replaces Green Screens With ‘Wrapper’

    If you’re replacing your core processing platform, why not throw in the entire teller system while you’re at it?

  • Online-Only Bonus: Core Processing: Does Opening the Platform Make it a Commodity?

    Core processing systems have been the backbone of the credit union transactional system since the days before share draft accounts became simply known as checking. But with functionality broadening to include credit and debit cards, online fund transfers and now mobile and even person-to-person, is core processing simply a commodity, a...

  • Credit Unions Driven to Compete in P2P Space

    PayPal's commanding presence in the P2P space is hard to compete with, so maybe joining them would be a better strategy for credit unions.

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