Michael E. Fryzel

  • Balancing Growth and Change: Letter to the Editor

    In 1990, there were five credit unions with more than a billion dollars in assets. In 2013, there were 207. Trends like that are ignored at their own risk.

  • NCUA Executive James Retires

    Thirty-three year agency veteran was director of the Dodd-Frank mandated Office of Minority and Women Inclusion.

  • Letter to the Editor: NCUA Board Member Fryzel Asks, Is Bigger Really Better?

    Do you remember when Burger King extolled the size of its hamburgers with the jingle, “The bigger the burger the better the burger, the burgers are bigger at Burger King?”

  • Letter: Fryzel Gets Man on the Street Views

    Before social media took over, there was this strange form of communication called face-to-face conversation. Two people would actually stand in the same room, look at one another and exchange thoughts and ideas through verbal interaction. For those of you who remember this form of communication, you may recall that...

  • NCUA Board Members Commit to Safety and Soundness

    Recently, there has been conversation about a petition put forth by an individual seeking to secure a seat on the NCUA Board. The campaign to secure a position is based on the premise that a candidate for the office should be required to take a litmus test to confirm that...

  • Make Re-Education of Lawmakers Your GAC Goal

    It is that time of year again, time for the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference. Thousands of credit union professionals and volunteers will come to our nation’s capital to hear speakers ranging from television and sports personalities, authors, senators and congressman to federal regulators.

  • Larry Blankenberger Named Region I Director

    Blankenberger is currently the associate regional director for programs at the NCUA’s Region IV office in Austin, Texas.

  • Much Work Remains to Be Done for Underserved

    The recently released report on unbanked and underbanked households by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation should be yet another wake-up call for financial institutions across this country and especially credit unions.

  • Letter: Derivative Transactions May Be Helpful to CUs

    Recently, I was introduced to a financial concept that I call interestrateriskderivativeswapcap. The word may not flow as easily, but it does have an interesting sound to it and combines, for the most part, much of what needs to be looked at when proposed as a risk-management option for credit...

  • NCUA Welcomes Your Input On Proposed Rule

    One of the things I remember growing up was the monthly newsletter my parents would receive from our congressman, the late Edward J. Derwinski. He would end each correspondence with the saying, “Remember, no one wielded a scepter more powerful than a person who picks up a pencil to write...

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