Marvin Umholtz

  • Western Bridge News Expected This Week

    Despite an earlier indication from the NCUA that the regulator hoped to reach a decision about how best to dispose of the assets of conserved corporate Western Bridge in November, that month came and went with no announcements.

  • No News Is the News About Western Bridge

    November gone, sources say NCUA board meeting on Dec. 15 should include an announcement.

  • Corporate Merger Mania on the Horizon?

    There may be only four or five corporate credit unions within 10 years. There isn’t that much business out there. "The small won’t survive,” predicted John Fiore, CEO of Motorola Employees Credit Union and a key figure in the recapitalizing of Members United as Alloya. “Within a couple years we...

  • NCUA Rethinks Corporate Too Big to Fail Policy

    What a difference 10 months makes. That’s a prevailing thought in corporate credit union circles as executives digest the reports, unconfirmed by the NCUA, that two of the leading bidders for the failed Western Bridge corporate are Alloya (formerly Members United) and Catalyst (formerly Southwest Bridge plus Georgia Corporate). This...

  • Western Bridge Next Steps?

    The initial NCUA-sponsored bidders conference for corporate credit unions interested in possibly acquiring all or parts of the failed Western Bridge corporate credit union was a month ago and now questions are circulating among credit unions about probable next steps.

  • CUSO Reg Comment Letters Swamp NCUA

    The NCUA will likely have much to consider as it reads through more than 280 comment letters that came in on the agency’s proposal to amend the CUSO rule.

  • United Resources Post-Mortem

    More details about business after United Resources.

  • Alternative Capital: Some See New Threat From CUSO Regs

    For some credit unions, finding ways to create alternative capital can be a daunting and ongoing strategic maneuver.

  • NCUA Part 704 Proposed Changes: Do They Matter?

    Experts are mulling the import of what may be more than just technical changes in Part 704 rules by the NCUA.

  • Is Western Bridge Falling Down?

    It is countdown to an Aug. 31 deadline for United Resources, the new corporate that may rise out of Western Bridge, but there are plenty of signs that credit unions are looking for alternatives as the evidence mounts that the capital goal will not be reached.

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