Marvin Umholtz

  • Alloya, CenCorp Intend to Go Big

    Go big or go home. Those five words outline exactly what is happening with the proposed merger of $1.8 billion Warrenville, Ill.-based Alloya with $1.5 billion Southfield. Mich.-based CenCorp. It’s a marriage of corporate credit unions that, if approved by CenCorp members and regulators, will produce an entity with assets...

  • Alloya, CenCorp Intend to Go Big: Print Preview

    Proposed corporate merger would produce one of the nation's largest remaining corporate credit unions. Find out more in this preview from next week's print edition.

  • Umholtz: New Banker PAC Nothing to Fear

    Former lobbyist Marvin Umholtz said credit unions shouldn’t fear the new Friends of Traditional Banking PAC, saying it will function “more like a scalpel than a battle axe.”

  • Credit Unions 2030: A Look Way Ahead

    Come 2030, credit unions will be in business serving up some kind of financial services, essentially one generation removed from today. However, getting there will be as wrenching—as full of dislocations and pains—as was the shift from 1950s-style credit unions with no share drafts into today’s full-service financial supermarkets.

  • Credit Unions in 2030: Print Preview

    In this print preview from next week's edition, experts look at what the industry may look like a generation from now.

  • Near Death Reports Disputed

    In an era of participatory politicking when Facebook, Twitter and other digital tools can turn any citizen into a lobbyist, have traditional trade associations entered their twilight years?

  • Natural Person CUs Say Corporates Still Fill In Voids

    Ask Michael Bittle, CEO of the Vanderbilt University Credit Union, where his $25 million Nashville, Tenn.-based institution would be without its corporate credit union and he softly chuckles.

  • HarborOne Chafes on FOM and Regs

    Now there are two large credit unions, the $1.8 billion HarborOne Credit Union of Brockton, Mass., and the $1.5 billion Technology CU of San Jose, Calif., making plans to convert to mutual bank charters.

  • Analysts Cite Assessments, Reins on Capital Behind HarborOne Bid

    One conversion specialist said he sees more ready to make the switch.

  • U.S. Central ACH Hike Causes Run for the Exits

    Many worried credit union eyes now are on July 1, the date when the NCUA has said it will bump up ACH fees for U.S. Central Bridge customers by 80%. That looming price hike has triggered a quick rush to the exits as corporates and their members race for alternatives.

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