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  • 9 Credit Union Mascots That Entertain and Brand

    A sample of nine eclectic mascots that support their credit union’s branding efforts and provide fun and financial education for their community.

  • 8 Life Stage-Appropriate Credit Union Programs

    These life stage-appropriate programs target their demographic with incentives, from treasure chest prizes to loan discounts to local merchant coupons.

  • Telesis CUSO Shares Retained by NCUA

    The California Department of Financial Institutions liquidated the $301 million Telesis Community Credit Union of Chatsworth, Calif., June 1 and appointed the NCUA as liquidating agent. The $1.3 billion Premier America Credit Union of Chatsworth, Calif., which had been managing Telesis since mid-April, purchased and assumed Telesis’ members, deposits, core...

  • NCUA Keeps Telesis’ CUSO Assets

    The NCUA has retained the liquidated Telesis Community Credit Union’s CUSO shares, an agency spokesman said, but he did not know its future plans.

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