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  • Board Guide to Loan Regime Split Dollar: Guest Opinion

    Is loan regime split dollar snake oil or liquid gold? How is a board to know? If it works, LRSD is a powerful tool for compensating key executives and preserving credit union assets. If it doesn’t work, the costs to the credit union and the participating executives are high.

  • CASD SERPs–Worth a Close Look

    Murphy’s law says that anything that can go wrong, will. Recently, some have applied Murphy’s law to what’s known as a collateral assignment split dollar supplemental retirement plan. Having helped credit unions nationwide establish CASD SERPs, I think the recent critiques are extreme and misleading and that a more balanced...

  • Look Closely at Executive CASD Plans

    Recently, there have been articles in the media that talk about a purportedly “new” and “secure” way to deliver tax free executive retirement income and a tax free death benefit. This supposedly superior solution to credit union executive retirement needs suggest that everybody wins.

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