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  • Cyber Attackers Broaden Base, Focus of Targets

    Cyveillance said in a new report that cyber criminals are shifting their phishing attacks to global targets and deploying sophisticated spear-phishing attacks that focus on individuals they hope will unknowingly give them access to the cache of cash.

  • Pacific Service CU Keeps Spotlight on Elder Abuse

    With a $5,000 donation to the Elder Financial Protection Network, Pacific Service Credit Union recently marked its 10th consecutive year of bringing awareness to preventing the financial abuse of elders and dependent adults.

  • Harden Your Branches

    We have 21 branches, and we think we have a very successful robbery prevention program. The article regarding three repeat robberies at the same branch was unfortunate [Jan. 26, page 1].

  • Risk Council Website

    The Credit Union Risk Council has launched a new website aimed at helping credit unions better arm themselves against card fraud, including the first secured channel of communications with law enforcement of its kind, the group said.

  • Best Practices For Cloud Computing

    Millions of Americans are increasingly putting personal information, family photos and documents in the public cloud through Gmail, Flickr and Facebook and may not realize the problems that could present.

  • New Website Aimed at CU Card Fraud

    A new website aimed at helping credit unions better educate and arm themselves against card fraud has been launched by the Credit Union Risk Council.

  • Cloud Computing Best Practices Report Released

    The Consumer Federation of America has released a report listing best practices it would like to see followed by providers of cloud-based computing services.

  • Avalanche Gang Now Focuses on Zeus Trojan

    The world's most active phishing gang is no longer phishing as much, researchers said, but that's not necessarily good news.

  • APWG Report Finds Phishing Gang Changing Tactics

    The Avalanche phishing gang, reputedly the world's most active, has changed tactics, according to the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

  • Zeus Malware Bust Seen as One Victory Against a Persistent Plague

    The arrests of dozens of suspects in New York last week for the theft of at least $3 million from banking accounts across America was both good news and a wakeup call for the credit union industry.

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