Konrad Christensen

  • The Millenial Power of Prepaid

    Between the ages of 13 and 19, teens begin to make more of their own decisions. Unfortunately, credit unions aren’t always on the winning side of teen independence.

  • TMG Adds Instant Issuance to Prepaid Card Services

    The Members Group in Des Moines, Iowa, said it has added instant issuance to features on its ATIRA- and Coopera-branded reloadable, prepaid cards.

  • Orman’s NCUSIF Gig Should End Now, Says NAFCU

    NAFCU has asked that the NCUA stop using material from financial advice guru Suze Orman after she launched a decoupled debit card program that could hurt credit unions.

  • Gift Card Boom Fires Up New Exchange

    One indication of how deeply plastic payments have influenced the U.S. retail market has been the explosive growth in gift cards at the expense of cash, checks and other forms of plastic. Not only has the National Retail Federation reported that gift cards have effectively extended the holiday shopping season...

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