Jeffrey Bloch

  • CUs Balk at Ad Rules

    State-chartered credit unions already have a myriad of federal and state advertising regulations to comply with and therefore shouldn't have to comply with proposed Federal Trade Commission rules aimed at nonbank institutions.

  • CU Trades Raise Concerns About Overdraft Rules

    Credit unions shouldn't have to use the phrase "total overdraft fees," on their statements when describing how much a member has to pay for overdrafts, CUNA and NAFCU told the NCUA.

  • Trades Have Different Critiques of New Garnishment Rules

    CUNA contends that proposed federal rules requiring credit unions and banks to perform an extensive account review when it receives a garnishment order would be burdensome while NAFCU just wants credit unions to have more time to conduct the review.

  • Trades Express Concern on CARD Act

    CUNA and NAFCU are concerned about the CARD Act's proposed fee structure and the requirement to reevaluate a card user's interest rates every six months.

  • CUNA and NAFCU Ask Fed for Overdraft Changes

    CUNA and NAFCU want credit unions to be able to charge a fee for covering an overdraft fee in some cases even if the consumer doesn't opt in for such coverage, according to letters both trades sent to the Federal Reserve.

  • CUNA on Reverse Mortgages

    CUNA wants consumer advisory language strengthened in the proposed guidance regarding reverse mortgages while NAFCU would like to see additional guidance on what information must be included in advertisements.

  • Comments on Mortgage Purchasing and Clarification on Addresses Rule

    Credit union representatives commented on a proposed rule on purchased mortgages and the Treasury has clarified it's address notification ruling.

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