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  • Guest Opinion: Congress Must Act to Boost Recovery

    Congress has two opportunities this year to reach back to the Main Street voters who elected them. Neither costs taxpayers a dime. Two bills would enable credit unions to provide affordable capital to consumers and to small businesses. It makes sense, then, for Congress to act this year to enact...

  • Rejected Autoland Bidder Cries Foul

    Nearly three months after the NCUA was appointed the liquidating agent for Telesis Community Credit Union, the agency has been working behind the scenes to divest the cooperative’s roughly $4 million stake in Autoland Inc., an auto buying CUSO.

  • Rejected Autoland Bidder Cries Foul: Print Preview

    The NCUA has been working behind the scenes to divest the former Telesis Community Credit Union's roughly $4 million stake in Autoland.

  • Letter: Ed Speed’s Views Are ‘Just Plain Wrong’

    I read with great interest Edward Speed’s Guest Opinion [July 18 issue, page 12]. I appreciate Speed sharing his thoughts about regulators, trade associations, CUSOs and business lending. We need to dialog about the issues we face so that collectively we can make the right decisions.

  • NCUA Welcomes Your Input On Proposed Rule

    One of the things I remember growing up was the monthly newsletter my parents would receive from our congressman, the late Edward J. Derwinski. He would end each correspondence with the saying, “Remember, no one wielded a scepter more powerful than a person who picks up a pencil to write...

  • Does NCUA Disdain the Dual System?

    The NCUA’s proposed rule that would allow it to declare state-chartered federally insured credit unions in “troubled condition” is the latest move by the federal regulator that has some state- chartered credit unions and their regulators crying foul.

  • Does NCUA Disdain the Dual System? Print Preview

    Proposed NCUA "troubled condition" rule has some state-chartered credit unions, their regulators crying foul. Get the story early in this week's print preview.

  • Editor's Column: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Credit Union World

    How words are banned, CUSOs are regulated and board members are and aren't appointed are some examples of a world gone mad.

  • Editor's Column: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

    I was galled at the childishness of bankers in Vermont putting the regulator up to blocking a credit union from using the term “banking” in its marketing materials, and the state regulator for his, at best, naiveté. Readers had the same reaction as you can see from the comments posted...

  • Words of Praise for Our Regulators

    One of the stated reasons for Texas Dow Employees Credit Union leaving CUNA was our disappointment with the unending vitriolic attacks on credit union regulators that seem to dominate every meeting.

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