Henry Wirz

  • Letter: Good Board Governance

    Henry Wirz wrote an excellent letter regarding the fallacy of term limits for credit union directors [CU Times, June 8, page 11]. He made the argument that there were better ways to select and replace directors in credit unions and that one of those better ways was a good evaluation...

  • Term Limits Are Distraction as Duties Grow

    During the industry debate over board member term limits, regulators have focused on the board's responsibilities, financial literacy, qualifications and, in almost every regulatory letter, made it clear that the board is responsible for more and more of the credit union's day-to-day operations.

  • Capital Plan Seeks to Spark Debate

    I read, with interest, Henry Wirz’s letter in the May 11 issue, “Capital Plan Is a Bust.” First, for clarification, the white paper was not “recently released.” It was released on April 12, 2010. Second, the white paper was released under my and my working group’s authorship.

  • Looking for Meaning by Crunching the Numbers

    Asthe October deadline for hitting key minimum financial ratios draws nearer, more spreadsheets are floating around the credit union industry.

  • Harden Your Branches

    We have 21 branches, and we think we have a very successful robbery prevention program. The article regarding three repeat robberies at the same branch was unfortunate [Jan. 26, page 1].

  • Awards

    Arizona State Credit Union, Phoenix, Ariz., received the Peter Barron Stark Companies Award for Workplace Excellence. Although it is the fourth time the credit union has received the award, it is especially significant this year because it

  • Black Friday? Sure. But We Need a Plan for the Future Corporate System

    I'm not sure a Black Friday would be such a bad thing. ['Will the NCUA Let Loose a Corporate Black Friday?' CU Times, Aug. 18, page 1.]

  • Effective Use of Capital, Not Alternative Capital, Is What Is Needed

    California has 455 CUs with assets of $126.8 billion as of the end of 2009. California is therefore a good microcosm of all CUs.

  • Brave WesCorp Plaintiffs Are Exercising Their Fiduciary Duties

    In his letter to the editor (March 24 issue), SAFE Credit Union CEO Henry Wirz suggested that Glendale Area Schools FCU and six other credit unions had plenty of other options rather than to file suit against the WesCorp directors.

  • Less Is More

    Industry consolidation is good for credit unions and their members.

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