Henry Wirz

  • Letter: Meltdown’s Impact on Small Credit Unions

    The decline in the number of small credit unions is very visible. I just finished an analysis of the local credit unions in my service area, and I think I have found some interesting information that may explain what is happening. I looked at the last five year period, June...

  • CU Direct Taps New Directors, Honors Longtime Members

    Nader Moghaddam, president/CEO of Financial Partners Credit Union in Downey, Calif., has been appointed as a director on CU Direct Corp.’s board.

  • Letter: Ed Speed’s Views Are ‘Just Plain Wrong’

    I read with great interest Edward Speed’s Guest Opinion [July 18 issue, page 12]. I appreciate Speed sharing his thoughts about regulators, trade associations, CUSOs and business lending. We need to dialog about the issues we face so that collectively we can make the right decisions.

  • Liquidation Is the Worst Option

    A board of directors has the option to merge, convert or liquidate the credit union. The option to liquidate was proposed by Bill Brooks as a good option that allows members to realize their ownership interest in the credit union, [Guest Opinion: “Merger or Convert? Consider a Third Option,” April...

  • Merger World Is Topsy-Turvy

    The merger game – its timing, procedures and practices – is coming in for new scrutiny and debate this month among a coterie of analysts and top credit union CEOs.

  • Loan Participation Underwriting May Expose Exam Weakness

    For some credit unions, being able to get in a car and drive to a piece of commercial real estate that a member is trying to secure financing for is a pivotal part of the lending process. Scoping out the area where that strip mall or office building is located...

  • Calling for Kermit

    In just two nights volunteering on the phone bank SAFE Credit Union staffers recently helped raise more than $15,000 for Sacramento’s PBS TV station KVIE.

  • Letter to Editor: Release Those CAMELs

    I was very happy to see both Chip Filson and Jim Blaine support the release of CAMEL ratings (CU Times, Jan. 25, page 1).

  • Editor’s Column: New Year Rumblings: Some Spoken, Some Not

    At the beginning of each year, pundits rely on the old trusty trends they saw over the last year, what they see for the coming year and New Year’s resolutions. That’s what readers expect and there’s a comfort in getting what you expect.

  • Converting CUs Should Not Have to Pay Exit Tax

    I was disappointed that CUNA and NAFCU have taken the position that converting credit unions should pay future corporate stabilization fund assessments. I see this as an exit tax on credit unions. I see it as contrary to the principles of charter choice and free markets. I object to any...

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