• How to Stay Focused on the Important Things

    "I want to pass something by you," I said to my friend Jori* who has lost 80 pounds over the past six months. "Our ability to lose weight is based on our willingness to suffer through discomfort. To be a little hungry and yet to resist the temptation of eating." "You're...

  • Obama Makes Cordray Nomination Official

    Former Ohio AG selected as first head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, pending Senate confirmation.

  • Ten Ways to Diversify an Inbred Network

    Networks are essential for collaboration, innovation, and career development. But too many executives have networks that, while they may be large, don't have enough diversity to be effective.

  • Google+ Comes Up Short

    What problem does Google+ solve for consumers? The answer appears to be: nothing. And, therefore, it solves nothing for Google either.

  • Leveraging the Benefits of Being a Rookie Employee

    Hundreds of my Stanford students graduated last month and are about to enter new jobs, along with hundreds of thousands who graduated from other universities. They will all be "rookies" yet again in their careers. Conventional wisdom tells us to get past the rookie stage in our career and grow...

  • Barnes & Noble's Smart Strategy

    Faced with an eroding core business, most companies seem to do...nothing.

  • Why a Great Individual Is Better Than a Good Team

    Anytime a CEO, quarterback, engineer or author is paid ridiculous amounts of money, dozens of investors, armchair quarterbacks, and scholars jump in to debate the value of individual contributors versus teams.

  • Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople

    If you ask an extremely successful salesperson, "What makes you different from the average sales rep?" you will most likely get a less-than-accurate answer, if any answer at all.

  • Building a Shared Mental Model to Rekindle Collaboration

    This post is part of the HBR Insight Center Making Collaboration Work.

  • Bureau Bills On Track in Republican-Controlled Committee

    At press time, the House Financial Services Committee was close to passing a bill extending the National Flood Insurance Program for five years and three bills to make changes to the structure of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

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