Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center

  • Guest Opinion: Thwarting Cyber Attacks

    Financial institutions around the world were recently frightened again by news of a massive attack that siphoned nearly $2.5 billion from commercial accounts held at multiple financial institutions in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

  • FS-ISAC Survey Shows Uptick in Account Takeover Attempts, Drop in Actual Losses

    Takeover attempts triple since 2009 among 100 financial services firms surveyed but stolen funds decreased.

  • Zeus Botnets Are Taken Down by Unique Team

    BALTIMORE — The NACHA session opened with dramatic video. Microsoft lawyers accompanied by U.S. marshals swooped into a characterless office building in Scranton, Pa., where they proceeded to seize computers that had been used to host giant botnet networks of zombie computers that–unbeknownst to their owners–were under the control of...

  • BITS, FS-ISAC Launch Email Registry to Help in Fraud Fight

    A pair of Washington-based financial services technology groups are jointly launching a new service aimed at helping fight email and phishing fraud through enhanced threat intelligence.

  • New E-Mail Security Service Offered

    Credit unions belonging to the Financial Services Roundtable or its affiliates or the FS-ISAC (Financial Services-Information Sharing and Analysis Center) can take advantage of a new service designed to help them protect against e-mail fraud.

  • Cyber Attack Test Results

    The report has come out from a nationwide simulated cyber attack on the nation's ACH, check and card payment systems earlier this year.

  • Report Released on Payment Systems Cyber Attacks Test

    Data security standards for third-party processors, better communications and threat awareness education were among the recommendations that came out of a nationwide simulated cyber attack on the nation's ACH, check and card payment systems.

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