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  • CUSOs Urge Better Model to Rate Risk

    CUSO leaders cry foul on the NCUA's proposed risk-based capital rule because it assigns the highest risk weight to CUSOs.

  • Occupy Cooperative Seeks Almost $1 Million to Start Up

    As of the morning of its initial announcement, the group had raised just more than $1,000, according to its website.

  • Organizers: Occupy CU Too Time-Consuming and Expensive

    Just because some founders of the Occupy Wall Street group have decided to launch a financial coop- erative that is not a credit union, doesn’t mean they are against the idea.

  • Occupy Money Group Could Sponsor Credit Union

    Occupy Wall Street activist sees credit union possibly following successful launch of card-issuing Occupy Money Cooperative.

  • Letter: Payday Assault by NCUA Will Not End Well

    Credit Union Times’ recent report about a letter sent by NCUA Board Chairman Debbie Matz to the National Consumer Law Center and the Center for Responsible Lending led me to question the agency’s priorities. I continue to be puzzled by why the NCUA, and especially Matz, expends so much energy...

  • CFSI Study Sees CU Opportunities in the Underserved

    A new report from the Center for Financial Services Innovation suggests that products and services marketed to unbanked and underbanked consumers could represent a huge and growing market for the nation’s credit unions.

  • Affinity Card Reward Help Credit Unions Stand Out

    Even though affinity card issuing may have a become a more difficult regulatory and economic challenge, some credit unions have begun to find payments success by launching affinity card rewards programs, credit union card executives report.

  • Resolutions For 2012

    The year 2011 was one of growth and change for credit unions. Many CUs announced positive news, such as asset growth, improved loan performance and large bonus dividend payouts. The Bank Transfer Day movement increased membership numbers for CUs, and many CU newcomers are in their 20s and 30s. As...

  • Obama Doubles Down With Cordray and CFPB

    President Obama circumvented Senate Republicans and made a recess appointment of Richard Cordray to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In making the appointment he explained that we “shouldn’t be weakening oversight and accountability, we should be strengthening it–especially when it comes to looking out for families."

  • Royal Credit Union Buys Bank’s Mortgage Servicing

    The 135,000-member Royal Credit Union has purchased the mortgage servicing rights to $600 million in mortgage loans from a local bank that the FDIC subsequently took over and sold to another bank.

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