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  • Lesson From a Woman of Wall Street: Ask For What You Want

    Megan Brown isn’t the first woman to get pregnant and exit corporate life, frustrated and finished with the “rat race.” But she is among the minority to have climbed the ranks of Wall Street – accepting, and actually loving, being a woman in the dog-eat-dog world of a not-so-female-friendly industry...

  • Purchase-Money Lending May Be Ready to Blast Off

    Credit unions may have their best opportunity ever to boost the portion of mortgage loans that actually go to purchase homes as opposed to loans that refinance previous notes.

  • Gains in Housing Market Expand Gateway to Credit Unions

    Thanks to the real estate bubble and its aftermath in the Great Recession, housing finance has become an increasingly important driver for credit union membership, according to credit union executives around the country.

  • Housing Market Gains Expand Gateway to Credit Unions: Print Preview

    Find out in this preview from next week's print edition how revived housing demand is driving credit union membership growth.

  • Mortgage Market Share Grows for Credit Unions

    For the first time ever, credit unions have originated more than 8% of U.S. mortgages originated in any given three month period, according to an analyst with Callahan and Associates.

  • With Fannie and Freddie Changes Afoot, Maryland CU Prepares

    The 44,000-member, $540 million National Institutes of Health Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Rockville, Md., has been working to prepare its housing finance program for whatever the federal government may choose to do with the two giant mortgage entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  • Downturn Expands Bethpage’s Mortgage Portfolio

    If there is a credit union determined to not let a crisis go to waste, it is the $4.2 billion Bethpage Federal Credit Union.

  • People_2

    Hudson River Community Credit Union, Corinth, N.Y., announced that CEO Susan Commanda will serve a one-year term on the Community Credit Union Committee.


    Saugus Financial Insurance Agency, LLC, Saugus, Mass., welcomed as president Jeanne Grant, successor, longtime associate and daughter of

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