Federal Trade Commission

  • New Red Flags Law Has Indirect but Real Meaning to CUs

    Guest blogger Thomas Oscherwitz is vice president of government affairs and chief privacy officer at San Diego-based ID Analytics Inc., a leader in consumer risk management.

  • CUDL Rolls Out Disclosure Tool

    In light of the new risk-based pricing provisions of the Federal Trade Commission's Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, CUDL has developed a way to help credit unions that are looking to provide auto dealers with credit score disclosure notices.

  • Red Flags Compliance on Resolution List?

    Here's a New Year's resolution to consider: Ensure compliance with the "Red Flags Rule" the Federal Trade Commission is set to begin enforcing on Friday, Dec. 31.

  • CUs Balk at Ad Rules

    State-chartered credit unions already have a myriad of federal and state advertising regulations to comply with and therefore shouldn't have to comply with proposed Federal Trade Commission rules aimed at nonbank institutions.

  • Group Issues Identity Theft Reminders to FIs

    Fraudsters phishing for victims keep changing their tactics, and consumers and the financial institutions that serve them need to remain vigilant, according to the Identity Theft Assistance Center in Washington, D.C.

  • ITAC Issues Phishing Reminder

    Phishing attacks change constantly and consumers and their financial institutions need to remain vigilant, according to the Identity Theft Assistance Center.

  • Act Locally: Protect Your Identity Week Begins Across U.S.

    It's Protect Your Identity Week all across the land, with more than 175 local events planned, including educational workshops, credit report checks, cell phone recycling and free document shredding.

  • FTC Study Finds Electronic ATM Alarms Likely No Real Help

    A study from the Federal Trade Commission has found insufficient evidence that installing electronic alarm systems at ATMs would do much to prevent or deter crime at the cash machines.

  • NAFCU Holding Webinar on FACT Act

    Credit union employees wanting to learn more about the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act rule on risk-based pricing can participate in NAFCU's Sept. 8 webcast.

  • Matz Attends First Meeting of Consumer Agency Planning Group

    NCUA Chairman Debbie Matz attended the first meeting of a committee that will probably cause her agency to lose personnel.

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