federal insurance

  • A Necessary Investment Pays Dividends for CUs

    If you were one of the millions who visited New York City’s Times Square between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, you would have seen on one of the biggest billboards a public service announcement benefiting credit unions.

  • Credit Union CEOs Ask Congress to Overhaul the NCUA

    The attack on NCUA policies spearheaded last December in a petition drive by a Michigan CUSO group entered a new phase last week when a Tennessee group joined the fray.

  • Insurance Plea

    The NCUA should send a letter to credit unions explaining that the NCUA now fully insures the full amount in noninterest-

  • FTC Spells Out Disclosure Rules

    Credit unions and other financial institutions that lack federal insurance must disclose that fact in their branches, their advertising and periodic statements, according to final rules approved today by the Federal Trade Commission.

  • Credit Unions Geared Up to Flex Their Political Muscles in 1990

    Credit unions sowed the seeds for future political wins by planning a rally on the National Mall while President George H.W. Bush sowed the seeds for the demise of much of his support among conservatives by reversing his pledge not to raise taxes.

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