• MoneyDesktop Acquires MyJibe

    MoneyDesktop, a Provo, Utah-based provider of personal financial management solutions primarily to credit unions,has acquired MyJibe, an Indiana-based PFM specialist.

  • New Tools to Foil First-Party Fraud

    First-party fraud–accessing credit services with no intention of repayment–is a significant concern for credit unions and other financial institutions. And its prevention calls for a new strategy, according to Costa Mesa, Calif.-based credit reporting agency Experian.

  • Better Times in Cards, Worse Times in Mortgages, Bureau Reports

    Card delinquencies down in major Texas, Ohio markets while mortgage delinquencies up in Portland, Phoenix, Baltimore, Seattle, New York and D.C.

  • Experian Reports Fewer Late Payments

    Within the auto lending sector, a mixed bag of strong and weak outcomes was seen in the first quarter.

  • Asking for Business Without Asking for Trouble

    Whether you call it business intelligence or just being customer-savvy, knowing more about each customer at the moment of contact can pay dividends and prevent catastrophe. For financial services companies, the stakes can be much higher than a lost pastry sale.

  • P2P and Other Technology Present New Fraud Problems

    Expansion into new areas like business services and new channels like P2P and mobile present new opportunities for credit unions and fraudsters alike.

  • uMonitor Virtual Confab Draws 25 CUs

    More than 180 people and 25 credit unions participated in uMonitor's recent two-day virtual conference for users of its account opening and funding and other solutions, the Memphis, Tenn., company said.

  • Life Events Data Help Predict Consumer Needs

    When it comes to marketing today, whether at the local or national level, online or offline, knowledge of consumer behaviors and life events has become an essential tool for customer acquisition and retention. Because these life events

  • Best Credit Scores in the Midwest, Experian Says

    Midwest credit unions might celebrate while Southern ones rue the news that seven of the ten U.S. cities whose populations have the best credit scores are in the Midwest, according to Experian.

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