European Union

  • World Council, European CU Leaders Meet With EU Policymakers on Privacy Rules

    World Council and European Network of Credit Unions meet with policymakers to discuss regulatory proposals that would affect credit unions.

  • WOCCU Expands Its Global Reach

    Just like the 14,000 member credit unions it supports, the World Council of Credit Unions in Madison, Wis., must intermittently reevaluate its structure and programs in order to best meet the needs of those it serves.

  • WOCCU Expands Global Reach Through Advocacy: Print Preview

    Under a new leader, the World Council pursues new priorities. Get the story in this preview from next week's print edition.

  • European Union Stages Huge DDoS Exercise

    Banks, governments, Internet providers and businesses across Europe faced a massive, but simulated, distributed denial of service attack on Thursday

  • Europeans Visit Clackamas FCU

    Financial experts and policy advisers serving nine European Union countries visited Clackamas Federal Credit Union as part of a multicity fact finding tour of U.S. financial markets. The delegation wanted to explore the differences between banks and credit unions and how credit unions navigated the global financial crisis.

  • Editor’s Column: Around the CU World

    The trades last week came out against principal forgiveness, an idea floated by Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Edward DeMarco. Political observers, however, noted that he has long been opposed to debt forgiveness and may be simply responding to consistent pressure from the Democratic Party.

  • Around the CU World in 800 Words or Less

    Some thoughts on strategic defaults, remote deposit capture and even Greece.

  • Missing From Data Leak Prevention: Guest Opinion

    In most organizations today, there is sensitive data that is overexposed and vulnerable to misuse or theft, leaving IT in an ongoing race to prevent data loss. Packet sniffers, firewalls, virus scanners and spam filters are doing a good job securing the borders, but what about insider threats?

  • What’s Missing From Data Leak Prevention

    DLP solutions can fail to fully protect critical data because they focus on symptomatic, perimeter-level solutions to a much deeper problem – users with inappropriate or excessive rights to sensitive information.

  • The Certainty of Uncertainty in the New Year

    The only certainty in 2012 is the uncertainty stemming from the financial challenges in the European Union, which are very likely to impact the U.S. banking system.

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