Dennis Moriarty

  • MBL Hike Dissidents Speak Up

    Members of the so-called “silent majority” of credit unions that oppose S. 2231, the bill that would increase the member business lending cap for credit unions, spoke out as banking lobbyists pressed the issue to lawmakers.

  • MBL Opponents Within Industry Speak Up: Print Preview

    Credit union "silent majority" cited by bank lobby speak up against MBL cap hike. In-depth look in this article from next week's print edition.

  • Bankers Cite CU Execs In Anti-MBL Letter

    In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, and copied to all members of the Senate, the American Bankers Association and Independent Community Bankers of America said current member business lending limits “are entirely appropriate given the significant risk and potential losses that would be...

  • Banker MBL Opposition Letter Quotes Three CU Executives

    Credit union senior managers warn against expanded lending authority, says credit unions and regulators "both unprepared."

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