Dennis Dollar

  • Near Death Reports Disputed

    In an era of participatory politicking when Facebook, Twitter and other digital tools can turn any citizen into a lobbyist, have traditional trade associations entered their twilight years?

  • HarborOne Bid Triggers More Debate

    The proposed conversion of the $1.8 billion HarborOne Credit Union to a mutual bank triggered fresh industry debate last week about the impact and efficacy of conversions as the Brockton, Mass., CU formally tendered its resignation from CUNA and the Massachusetts Credit Union League.

  • HarborOne Bid Triggers More Debate: Print Preview

    Is conversion bid a sign of things to come? That's one point raised in this look at an article from next week's print edition.

  • HarborOne Conversion Move a Sign of Things to Come?

    Industry participants aren’t sure whether HarborOne Credit Union’s possible conversion signals a growing trend or is just an aberration.

  • Conversion Considered, Apple FCU to Leave CUNA

    The 144,000-member, $1.6 billion Apple Federal Credit Union, Fairfax, Va., has become the first large credit union to leave CUNA this year. Three other large CUs, two from New Mexico and one from Texas, left the trade group last year.

  • Another Large CU Leaves CUNA

    Apple Federal Credit Union has become the first large credit union to leave CUNA this year.

  • Failed Mergers Caused by Multiple Factors

    The postmortem on last month’s two failed merger attempts that were victims of member opposition hits on three ingredients: poor communications, a rushed timetable and lack of enough advance explanation to constituents and the public.

  • Failure to Merge: Print Preview

    In this Print Preview from next week's edition, industry experts look behind the recent rejection of proposed mergers in Louisiana and Montana.

  • Letter to Editor: Newt May Be Right on GSEs

    I think that Newt Gingrich may be right about credit unions being government-sponsored enterprises. Consultant Dennis Dollar and others have criticized the presidential candidate and former speaker of the House for describing credit unions as GSEs.

  • Leadership Needs Abound

    The last few years have been very interesting to comment on the news and, while some things have slowed down, now is no different. Many issues from credit union management to matters in Washington continue to evolve and deserve commentary.

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