Dennis Dollar

  • Departures Ripen NCUA for Change

    Change is inevitable at the NCUA following the announcements by Board Member Gigi Hyland and Executive Director David Marquis that they’re leaving the agency.

  • Hyland’s Departure Means Change for the NCUA Board … Eventually

    Credit unions shouldn’t look for a nomination to replace Board Member Gigi Hyland soon.

  • CEO as Treasurer: A Good Idea?

    It may be common–and it certainly is permitted under NCUA rules–but debates are beginning to be heard among some credit union experts when it comes to credit union employees (frequently the CEO) serving on the board of directors as treasurer.

  • When the CEO Serves as Treasurer: Print Preview

    Industry experts bat around whether CEO serving as board treasurer is a good idea. Drugs and fraud case is an example. Print story online now.

  • CEO Pay: How Much Is Right?

    Call CEO pay the credit union governance hot potato. “This is certainly an increasingly hot topic,” said attorney Michael Lozoff, chair of the credit union practice at Shutts and Bowen in Miami.

  • Letter: On LICUs Bankers Are Ludicrous

    Banker opposition to NCUA’s LICU program is ludicrous. Why do I call it ludicrous? Because their opposition would have to step up several notches on the reasonableness scale to even come close to their normal anti-credit union position of hypocritical.

  • From the Publisher: Time for New Challenges

    Friends, Friday, Aug. 3 will be my final day as publisher of Credit Union Times. The time has come to move on to new challenges and make room for the next generation of professionals.

  • Industry Survival: Cleansing Debate Heats Up

    The so-called cleansing theory – that there are too many underperforming or heavily capitalized small or midsize credit unions that need to be merged by larger brethren – is coming in for fresh debate this summer.

  • NCUA Merger Policy Questions Arise Again

    Despite recent activity, the NCUA has said it is not in the business of pushing mergers in 2012. According to an agency spokesman, there is “an upsurge in mergers this year which is likely due to the ability of continuing credit unions to assume the responsibilities associated with mergers as...

  • Massachusetts Deposit Insurer Hosts Volunteer Program

    The Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corp. is partnering with The Paragon Group to host a new Volunteer Leadership Institute program. The conference will be held at Stowe Mountain Lodge in Stowe, Vt., Sept. 23-26.

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