cloud computing service

  • Cloud Computing Gaining Steam: Letter to the Editor

    Your recent guest opinion article on cloud computing (“Cloud Services Provide Real Benefits,” July 24, 2013, Credit Union Times) makes the important point that while adoption of cloud-based business applications has been slow, the benefits are significant and will continue to drive interest. At MY CU Services, a CUSO of...

  • Examiners Get Onto Your Cloud

    Matt Gerber said he’s gotten a lot of calls lately from credit unions with an immediate need they haven’t had before. The examiners are coming and his clients need to prove they have their heads in the clouds.

  • Cloud Computing Meets Credit Union Skeptics

    The puzzlement on the part of some experts is thick. At the very time when some companies and community banks are rushing to put more of their data and applications into the cloud, some experts have noticed that, for the most part, credit unions are staying on the sidelines of...

  • FFIEC Releases Position Paper on Cloud Computing Outsourcing

    Regulator group says financial institutions, including credit unions, have to consider fundamentals of risk and risk management.

  • Best Practices For Cloud Computing

    Millions of Americans are increasingly putting personal information, family photos and documents in the public cloud through Gmail, Flickr and Facebook and may not realize the problems that could present.

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