cloud-based computing

  • E-Signatures Solve Many Lending Challenges

    They improve member service, speed up the loan process and comply with open-ended lending regulations.

  • Technology May Be the Cure for MFOEL Migraines

    Cloud-based computing and e-signatures are the aspirin to the multi-featured open ended lending headache credit unions have been suffering from since the NCUA first issued the rules back in 2009, said John Levy, executive vice president and co-founder for Integrated Media Management, a Linden, N.J.-based technology vendor.

  • Cloud Computing Meets Credit Union Skeptics

    The puzzlement on the part of some experts is thick. At the very time when some companies and community banks are rushing to put more of their data and applications into the cloud, some experts have noticed that, for the most part, credit unions are staying on the sidelines of...

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