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  • CO-OP Wins Lockheed FCU Credit Card Work

    Lockheed had a credit card portfolio of roughly 36,000 active accounts worth roughly $115 million in outstanding balances as of the end of 2011.

  • Chip Cards Hit the Million Mark, Says Visa

    Visa USA has reported that U.S. financial institutions have issued more than one million credit and debit cards that use information on embedded computer chips to validate transactions instead of magnetic stripe technology.

  • Payments 2012: Growing Range of Services and Demand

    Credit unions will need to continue to seek out and provide a full – and expanding – range of services if they wish to position themselves as their members’ payment provider of choice in 2012.

  • Alaska USA Offers Free Mobile Apps

    The $4.4 billion Alaska USA FCU has released free mobile banking apps for iPhone and Android users have been rolled out by the $4.4 billion Alaska USA Federal Credit Union.

  • Alaska USA Adds Apps

    The $4.4 billion Alaska USA FCU has released free mobile banking apps for iPhone and Android users.

  • CSCU Study Urges Cards Exam

    A new white paper offered by Card Services for Credit Unions urges CUs to review the way they process debit and credit card transactions with an eye toward both reducing costs on the debit side and increasing revenue on the credit side.

  • Computer Services Inc. Buys HEIT

    HEIT, the Colorado-based provider of cloud-based infrastructure, compliance and security services to more than 200 credit unions, is being sold to Computer Services Inc. of Paducah, Ky.

  • Smart Chips Still Slow to Catch on at U.S. CUs

    Despite the documented ability of smart chips to cut fraud losses, experts say some credit unions and CUSOs have not moved very quickly to start issuing credit and debit cards enabled with the higher tech chips.

  • New Paper Urges CUs to Examine Card Processing

    Card Services for Credit Unions white paper advises taking a look at reducing costs on debit side, increasing credit revenue.

  • On Smart Card Chips, Visa Changes Course

    After years of steadily holding back support for embedding smart chips into U.S. issued cards, the largest card brand has announced it will now back the use of smart card technology in the U.S.

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