Bill Nayda

  • NCUA Examiners Look at the Bigger Picture

    WASHINGTON — The financial services industry is a risk-taking industry, NCUA Deputy Director of the Office of Examination and Insurance Tim Segerson told CU Enterprise Risk Management trainees during a lunch speaking slot Oct. 1 at the Capital Hilton. Credit unions that don’t take risk earn less income, which makes...

  • Take Enterprise Risk Management Out of the Silos

    WASHINGTON — Risk management used to rely upon a silo approach, with managers or committees managing risks only within their designated areas of responsibility, enterprise risk management consultant Marcus Faust told CUERM trainees Oct. 2 at the Capital Hilton. Faust works for RP Financial, an Arlington, Va.-based financial services consulting...

  • Chief Risk Officer Must Have a Strong Voice: Onsite Coverage

    WASHINGTON —A credit union’s chief risk officer must have a complete understanding of all risks within the organization, consultant tells CU Enterprise Risk Management conference.

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