Bill Gates

  • Biz Member Tech Needs

    It's no surprise that small businesses are becoming more sophisticated and savvy in their use of technology to expand their businesses – and they’re expecting their credit unions and banks to keep up with their demands.

  • Guest Opinion: Branches Trumped by Experience

    There is certainly no shortage of experts willing to prognosticate on the future of the retail bank branch. For well over a decade, the futurists have generally aligned themselves around one of two sides of the debate. Those predicting the end of the branch as we know it, and those predicting...

  • Why the Doodle Matters

    Don’t dismiss doodling – in the right hands, it can be a serious and useful tool that should be deployed when problems are most messy and topics most serious,

  • Are You Missing Your True Calling?

    We all know the story of how outcast nerds in junior high or high school turn into the Bill Gates’s and Steve Jobs’s of the world.

  • Intense and Dazzling Trek to Dakar Teaches History, Culture and CU Ways

    Let me introduce myself. I am Brian Gately, director of technical assistance for the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions in New York. While at the federation

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