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  • Bank-CU Peace Breaks Out on Online Network

    Picture an online community where credit unions and banks peacefully coexist. Users from each type of institution can log in and share useful banking-related information, such as written policies and training materials, which other users download and review completely free of charge.

  • Online Only: CashEdge Purchase Seen Boosting Fiserv P2P, Small Business Offerings

    Deal eliminates competition between P2P offerings, better positions company for battle with other contenders large and small.

  • Overcoming Excel Spreadsheet Inertia

    In 1687, Isaac Newton published a three-volume treatise which revolutionized humanity’s understanding of the physical world. Book One of Newton’s Principia contains Newton’s three laws of motion, which describe the responses of physical bodies to forces acting upon them. Sir Isaac expressed the first law as follows: "Every body persists...

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