Andrew McGeorge

  • Libor Scheme Shorted Corporate Income

    The Libor price-fixing scandal, in which the London-based bank and financial services company Barclays manipulated Libor submissions to give a healthier picture of the bank’s credit quality in 2007 and 2008, has had little material effect on credit unions, according to industry experts. However, corporates that owned Libor-indexed assets during...

  • Guest Opinion: TIPS Market Quirks to Keep in Mind

    At a recent NCUA listening session in Alexandria, Va., representatives from the agency were asked whether investment regulations might be broadened to allow credit unions to purchase Treasury Inflation Protected Securities.

  • Small CUs Can Buy Bonds Too

    CU Exchange guest blogger Andrew McGeorge, senior portfolio strategist with CNBS, offers advice on how smaller credit unions might buy securities.

  • Agency MBS Buyout Could Double Prepayments

    Credit unions will have to find another place to invest up to $1 billion worth of agency mortgage backed securities, according to an industry expert.

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