American Red Cross

  • Car-Buying CUSO Aids Japan

    Autoland Inc. said that for each vehicle purchased through the car-buying CUSO, it will donate a portion to assist those impacted by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

  • Western Bridge Waives Japan Wire Fees

    The relief effort by credit unions to aid victims of the Japanese disaster continued this week with Western Bridge Corporate waiving international wire fees for CUs acting on behalf of their members.

  • Credit Unions Lend a Helping Hand to Ravaged Japan

    When Japan was rocked by the 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11,

  • Hawaii CUs Join in Waiving Japan Wire Fees

    Hawaii’s two largest credit unions have now joined their peers in California and elsewhere in waiving international wire fees for members sending funds to friends and families in disaster-stricken Japan.

  • In Japan Aid, Altura CU Does a Haiti Repeat

    The $726 million Altura Credit Union of Riverside, Calif., is contributing support to the Japan Relief Fund effort for victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

  • More California CUs Aid on Disaster Donations

    More California credit unions were making arrangements Wednesday to help their members donate funds to victims of the Japanese earthquake disaster through special Red Cross accounts and online vehicles.

  • Red Cross Wins in Ohio State vs. Michigan

    While the Ohio State Buckeyes and their longstanding rivals, the University of Michigan Wolverines

  • Community Events2

    American Heritage Federal Credit Union, Philadelphia, helped the Philadelphia Charter Academy kick off its "Bring Your Own Bag" project recently.

  • Community Events

    Michigan Credit Unions, Detroit, are hosting a 75-part marathon event to provide financial education services to the surrounding community. The weeklong initiative, known as Money Smart Week, was started at a kick-off breakfast held at

  • Donations

    Financial Center, Indianapolis, has raised more than $26,000 for the American Red Cross, contributing to the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

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