• NCUA Suits Call for Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Last week, the NCUA added to its list of targets by suing Goldman Sachs for $491 million for losses corporates endured due to mortgage-backed securities. This is the fourth suit filed by the NCUA against securities firms, seeking a total of $2 billion in damages.

  • NCUA vs. Wall Street

    The Wall Street Journal dropped the bombshell: “Banks Hit for Credit Union Ills,” read the headline on an article reporting that the NCUA was in talks with a bevy of Wall Street powerhouses (Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase) about the NCUA’s belief that Wall Street banks sold...

  • This Is the Year for a Real Plan to Meet Members' Retirement Needs

    Planning can actually be a lot of fun. Think about the last vacation or party you coordinated where everything went just right. Remember the feeling of accomplishment and pride you, the planner, had afterwards.

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