State Employee's CU

  • Where Was the SECU Board On CAMEL Code Release?

    While the CAMEL disclosure controversy shows no signs of slowing down, maybe it’s time for reasonable heads to prevail and allow both sides to reflect upon the fallout from State Employee’s Credit Union’s action.

  • League Still Trying to Mediate NCUA/CAMEL Dispute

    The CAMEL rating standoff between NCUA and the North Carolina Credit Union Division showed no signs of change Tuesday.

  • Tax Season Aid and Loans Abound at CUs

    Tax season can be a daunting time of year for credit union members. Some, who view their annual refund as a much-needed source of extra cash, want to maximize their refund opportunities. Others, who owe taxes, may be wondering how they’ll afford payments. To ensure the process runs smoothly regardless...

  • Chip Cards Hit the Million Mark, Says Visa

    Visa USA has reported that U.S. financial institutions have issued more than one million credit and debit cards that use information on embedded computer chips to validate transactions instead of magnetic stripe technology.

  • Dual Exams Prompt Fear and Loathing in North Carolina

    For another week, the dispute over the CAMEL rating disclosure involving the NCUA, the North Carolina Credit Union Division and the $23 billion State Employees’ Credit Union of Raleigh, N.C., continued to roil the state’s CUs as managers expressed new frustration and anxiety over dual exams.

  • CU Service Signs Four CUs

    CU Service Network LLC said four more client credit unions are now offering their members mobile banking through the CUSO’s arrangement with CO-OP Financial Services.

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