SAFE credit union

  • Missing Larry Sharp

    Reflecting on Larry Sharp's credit union legacy.

  • Who’s at Fault for Fraud Losses?: Letter to the Editor

    Strong internal controls are just one source of prevention.

  • Loan Participation Underwriting May Expose Exam Weakness

    For some credit unions, being able to get in a car and drive to a piece of commercial real estate that a member is trying to secure financing for is a pivotal part of the lending process. Scoping out the area where that strip mall or office building is located...

  • Calling for Kermit

    In just two nights volunteering on the phone bank SAFE Credit Union staffers recently helped raise more than $15,000 for Sacramento’s PBS TV station KVIE.

  • Charter Change to a Bank Does Not Have to Change Service

    I enjoyed reading the letter from Robert J Larison, who was the CEO of Atlantic Coast FCU and then converted to a mutual savings bank [Nov. 9 issue, page 10]. His letter reminds me of Flip Wilson's character Geraldine, who always said, “The devil made me do it.”

  • Marijuana Dispensaries’ CU Accounts Raided by Feds

    Federal agents have seized the accounts at a Sacramento-area credit union of two businesses that dispense marijuana to people with a doctor's prescription, according to court documents.

  • Letter: Small Credit Unions Need to Grow Their Memberships

    Regarding “Reports of the Death of Small Credit Unions Are Greatly Exaggerated,”, July 21. I agree with Mike Schenk that the death of small credit unions is exaggerated. Whenever you are talking about such a large group (there are over 6,000 credit unions with under $100 million in assets),...

  • Term Limits Are Distraction as Duties Grow

    During the industry debate over board member term limits, regulators have focused on the board's responsibilities, financial literacy, qualifications and, in almost every regulatory letter, made it clear that the board is responsible for more and more of the credit union's day-to-day operations.

  • Alternative Capital Plans Are a No-Go from the Word Go

    NCUA recently released a white paper on alternative capital. The question most people ask is whether credit unions will ever get alternative capital. I think the more interesting question is whether credit unions can make alternative capital work in a member-owned cooperative. I would say the answer is that alternative...

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