• FocusReport: lending

    Higher interest rates and more buyers and sellers are clear signs that the housing market is continuing to recover after years of taking a beating. With that healing, some economists are predicting the current refinance market will shift toward a purchase market. The danger is some credit union mortgage programs...

  • Will Purchase Loan Shift Create Real Estate Earthquake?

    The U.S. housing finance market may be poised for a historic shift away from a long trend of primarily refinancing existing real estate loans to primarily funding new real estate purchases.

  • Mortgage Lenders May Be Heading for Rough Seas

    A former boss used sailing analogies to describe the mortgage market, saying things like, “A rising tide floats all boats.” With refinance loans falling and demand far exceeding supply, it’s hard not to look like an industry captain. Whether it is government subsidized programs, wide margins or vehicles to invest...

  • TopLine FCU Members Celebrate Slashing $1 Million in Debt

    Credit union acted to help members meet their debt goal.

  • Auto Lending Portfolios Want to Grow

    Jim Adamczyk can remember receiving an increase in calls from banks interested in FAIRWINDS Credit Union’s auto loan portfolio. That was as recent as 2010, said Adamczyk, executive vice president of lending, for the $1.7 billion cooperative in Orlando, Fla.

  • Micro Lending Challenges

    As some credit unions continue to be the lifeline for microenterprises seeking out loans for less than $2,500, a number of challenges to meet their needs may still exist.

  • Guest Opinion: Board's ALM Review and Training Are Critical

    In light of the financial challenges faced by credit unions over the past few years and specifically the increasing interest rate risk that comes with many credit unions borrowing short to lend long, the NCUA has refocused its attention on asset-liability management functions.

  • Student Lending Remains a Credit Union Standard

    Next to a home, a college education can be the most expensive purchase one makes in a lifetime. And like many people who took out mortgage loans before the Great Recession, a growing number of borrowers are struggling to pay off student loans that were originated by private lenders in...

  • Open-End Lending Drop Blamed on Regs, Confusion

    In 2010, there were an estimated 3,400 credit unions engaged in multi-featured open-end lending.

  • Kentucky Credit Unions Are in the Green

    The key financial indicators of Kentucky credit unions are positive, yet conservative. And that’s just how they like it in the Bluegrass State.

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