Gen Y

  • Gen Y Back Talk: Overdrafts and Other Mistakes

    Interesting stat: 77% of U.S. consumers chose to allow for debit card and ATM overdrafts since the 2010 implementation of Regulation E.

  • Reaching Mobile Gen Y: Slide Show

    These Fast Facts from the Aug. 3 print edition of Credit Union Times take a look at a Javelin report on Gen Y.

  • Gen Y Back Talk: Not Too Cool for School

    Going to school is in right now. And not just for 18-year-olds, but for 28 and 29-year-olds, too. Layoffs, low-paying jobs, miserable days at the office and unsuccessful job searches are among the many reasons why Gen Y members are seeking second or even third degrees. And their end goals...

  • Reaching Gen Y Through Mom and Dad

    Credit unions know they must get younger. Decreasing the average age of your membership is a strategic goal for many credit unions. There are several initiatives, such as Currency Marketing’s Young and Free, that are having a great deal of success. The Filene Institute also has given many ideas for...

  • Gen Y Surprises, Insights Provided by New Studies

    With the interest in reaching and connecting with young adults continuing to rise, some newly released studies have revealed some insights and surprises.

  • Iowa CUL to Launch Gen Y Summit

    Hawkeye State credit unions to gather June 15 to discuss best practices for reaching the younger set.

  • The Value of CUs: If Only Gen Y Knew

    As a journalist, I usually don’t dive into a new job as an expert on the subject matter I’m asked to report on. Instead, I become one, by reading articles and interviewing experts, whether the topic is technology or fashion. This job is no different. I went into it with...

  • Help Wanted in the Financial Planning Department

    This month, I’ll celebrate my birthday, but I’m not sure how much celebrating I’ll do. At 28, I’m back in my hometown in Oregon after two cross-country moves and more than one journalism career blip thanks to the economic downturn.

  • Microsoft Kinect: From Living Rooms to CU Branches?

    Kinect for Xbox 360, a controller-free, $150 gaming device that allows users to operate their Xbox consoles solely through bodily gestures and voice commands, has made a splash among video game and electronics enthusiasts. But is there a practical application for Kinect outside the gaming world–say, in credit union branches?...

  • Getting a Foot in The Door

    When I was first asked to pen this column, my first thought was, why would someone from Gen Y make a conscious, informed decision to join a credit union?

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