dennis dollar

  • Rethinking Traditional Models

    Why looking ahead is always a better approach than looking back.

  • NCUA Board Travel Prompts Duty Station Questions

    Former Board Member Fryzel spends the majority of his travel budget in his hometown of Chicago; Chairman Matz will make board travel data public.

  • Credit Unions 2030: A Look Way Ahead

    Come 2030, credit unions will be in business serving up some kind of financial services, essentially one generation removed from today. However, getting there will be as wrenching—as full of dislocations and pains—as was the shift from 1950s-style credit unions with no share drafts into today’s full-service financial supermarkets.

  • Another Large CU Leaves CUNA

    Apple Federal Credit Union has become the first large credit union to leave CUNA this year.

  • Letter to Editor: Newt May Be Right on GSEs

    I think that Newt Gingrich may be right about credit unions being government-sponsored enterprises. Consultant Dennis Dollar and others have criticized the presidential candidate and former speaker of the House for describing credit unions as GSEs.

  • Dollar Associates to Add Recruiting

    Credit union consulting firm Dollar Associates LLC announced last week that it will add executive recruiting to its list of services offered to the credit union industry beginning in 2012.

  • Sorry, Mr. Speaker, Credit Unions are Not GSEs

    Presidential candidate again misspeaks on credit unions, raising question if its intentional or lack of understanding. Either is troublesome.

  • Dollar Associates Adds Head Hunting

    Executive recruiting has been added to the list of services offered by the Alabama consultancy run by former NCUA Board chairman Dennis Dollar.

  • Memories From September 2001

    Heading through the Beltway traffic on my way to the NCUA offices in Alexandria, Va., as the acting chairman of the agency on Sept. 11, 2001, I learned from radio reports that two of the World Trade Center towers had been hit by commercial jets–obviously no coincidence.

  • Memories From September 2001

    Acting NCUA chair was on the Beltway when the tragic events of that day began to unfold.

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