• No FMLA Right to Be Left Alone

    Can employers communicate with employees taking FMLA leave? If so, how much?

  • The Catch-22 of Being a Female Boss

    The careers for most women follow an expected trajectory: We begin in our 20s, surrounded by young colleagues of both sexes; move into our 30s, when some of us leave entirely or shift to reduced hours to raise families; then throttle on through our 40s, the decade of major career...

  • Affinity Plus FCU Branch Redesign Raises the Bar

    While many credit unions are making investments to improve the quality of their virtual member interactions, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union is placing an emphasis on old fashioned, face-to-face communication.

  • Cooperative Trust: How You Say It As Important as What

    I hear it a lot. As an I.T. guy, it’s easy to see how tech-speak can turn even a highly educated executive into any other befuddled end-user. If someone’s not familiar with what you do, the terms used to describe your work might be useless or, even worse, cause more...

  • Top Employee Complaint: Front- and Back-Office Miscommunication

    Credit union front and back-office staff members have plenty of differences. They spend their days doing different tasks, may come from different backgrounds, approach their work in different ways and are likely to exhibit different personalities. But in order for a CU to succeed, it’s crucial that both sides get...

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