• 5 States With the Highest/Lowest Student Loan Debt

    From Delaware to New Mexico, learn about average student loan balances and which credit unions are active in student lending.

  • Merger Fee Is Rescinded by Maryland Credit Union

    In a change of heart, Maryland’s $388 million Educational Systems Federal Credit Union is putting to rest the idea of a merger conversion fee to help defray expenses in its takeover of the once-ailing $401 million Montgomery County Teachers FCU of Derwood, Md.

  • Student Lending Remains a Credit Union Standard

    Next to a home, a college education can be the most expensive purchase one makes in a lifetime. And like many people who took out mortgage loans before the Great Recession, a growing number of borrowers are struggling to pay off student loans that were originated by private lenders in...

  • Student Loan Relief via Refinancing

    One of the toughest parts of borrowing money for education is paying off the loans, especially if high interest rates are in the picture. That’s where credit unions can come in and offer relief with student loan refinance programs, several experts say.

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